Meest B2B Web Service API system integration

Revision: 3.0

Latest changes


  • More countries for shipping (please contact your sales manager)


  • Change in createManifest API method (option for generate dispatch registers for each transport) - additional fields: closeManifest, transportID. System can accept few unclosed manifest with same transportID and the last one with flag closeManifest as true will merge them together and close (Creating Manifest(createManifest)).


  • Export data from manifest to XLS document (for FRAKTAL program)


  • Fixed XLS generation (column names in return's report)
  • Fixed weight calculation when adding package from admin panel
  • Minor optimization and changes


  • Generate global proform invoice based on dispatch register import numbers


  • Handling error messages from the Rosan system in response from the API

Previous changes you can find on page Release notes

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